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Best AI App Design Platforms in 2024

Real-time modeling allows for quicker changes and information acceptance through AI app design.
Social: AI app design provides combined features for improved designer-developer engagement

Creating a new app might take a significant amount of time, even if you are not proficient in code. 

Establishing resources for data calls for extensive planning and foresight. It takes several tries to create a user interface that is user-friendly until you get an appropriate setup. 

Furthermore, it takes careful planning and numerous testing cycles to integrate it all without errors in software logic but with AI App design you can do this in just seconds.

In this blog, we will learn about what is an AI app design, the best AI app design builders in 2024, what should we look for in an AI app design platform, and much more useful information regarding AI app design.

Key Takeways:

What Is An AI app Design?

The process of using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to develop and enhance mobile applications’ user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is known as AI app design. 

To improve accessibility, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction, this entails incorporating AI-driven tools, programs, and aesthetic principles into the app development procedure.

Skilled, user-friendly, and customizable mobile apps that successfully anticipate and satisfy user needs are the goals of AI app design. 

App developers may make apps that are simpler to use, productive, customized, and informative by utilizing AI technologies.

Let Us Know About Some Of The Best AI App Design Builders In 2024

Because there are many options available, choosing the top generative AI app design builder can be complicated. 

To help you choose the best option for your company, we have done the hard work for you by analyzing the available tools and compiling a list of the top generative AI application builders, together with information on their capabilities, benefits, and costs.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is ideally known for its ideal interface. It is a framework for developing generative AI apps design without the need for programming. 

With this, you can make websites and apps without knowing how to program or have any technical expertise. 

Your app or website may be simply designed and customized with a simple-to-operate layout.

As Appy Pie’s platform design interface offers a variety of generative AI capabilities, including an AI text-to-image generator, an AI text-to-logo generator, an AI photo enhancer, and an AI NFT generator, you can use its generative AI capabilities to create visuals, logos, and artwork for your software program or web page.

Key features of Appy Pie AI app design include AI-generated templates to help you improve the app development process, including gift cards, banners, and other business visual design layouts with organizational features that are for streamlining procedures, app analytics with Google Analytics, and combined third-party apps.

It offers four pricing plans along with a seven-day free trial, basic, gold, platinum, and enterprise where all of these have price and plan differences.

Zoho Creator

It is Ideal for Developing Statistical and Enterprise Intelligence Apps. The foundation of Zoho’s entire business model is an interconnected app unit, where each app is a component of a networked community. 

As a result, capabilities like shapes, charts, graphs, processes, and connections between various Zoho apps and outside resources are available through the AI app design builder. 

App deployment to several channels, especially online, mobile (iOS and Android), and tablets, is made possible by Zoho Creator.  

Zoho’s target market is organizations, one of its AI app-building features is the capacity to develop BI and data analytics apps.

Key features of Zoho Creator include AI-assisted migration tools, Data visualization using cross-functional analytics, and Integration with 600+ third-party apps.

It offers four pricing plans along with a free trial for around 15 days, standard, professional, enterprise, and flex.


It is Ideal for creating challenging enterprise applications. Mendix is excellent at facilitating rapid application development and establishing relationships between experts and programmers. 

It provides a complete set of simple instruments that make it possible to quickly and readily assemble AI app designs without the need for knowledge of programming. Superior performance is offered by the platform’s design. 

Each app has its core development location with a multitude of skills, making the technology distinct in the ability to promote cooperation.

Key features of Mendix include allowing you to use Git-based version management when working together alongside various programmers, install on any cutting-edge gadget, in-house location online, and offer a variety of protocol standards used by the industry for interconnections with your existing information providers and applications.

It offers four pricing plans free, basic, standard, and premium.


It’s the most user-friendly tool available since it can translate conversational language into programming, making it possible to create web apps with basic readable text. 

Analyzing and processing input from consumers is an area in which Pico thrives. With the help of an AI app design builder, people without technical skills will be able to develop applications of their own, potentially expanding web design. 

It provides adequate capabilities for someone with a small company to accomplish their objective; you can develop solutions to improve operations or create usage scenarios for lead production.

Key features of Pico include any application that can be made private by adding a password and facilitating all phases of an application process, including development, testing, beginning operating, and utilization monitoring.
allows ten customized web addresses to be chosen.

It offers four pricing plans try, pro, premium, and business.


It is the greatest AI app design developer for high-end apps. The AI Smart Builder in QuickBase generates internal applications that precisely align with the query you provide. 

The greatest platform for creating enterprise-grade apps is QuickBase since it can serve as the hub for all of your company’s records and functions. 

You can use it to manage employees and assignments, organize organizational activities and work apps with connections, and ensure that you constantly stick to regulatory requirements.

Key features of QuickBase include taking care of all business processes, availability of Data Science, and workflow optimization.

It offers two pricing plans try and pro.


It is reasonable and inexpensive. Without knowing how to code, you may still design and distribute mobile apps. 

To assist you in developing and altering your apps according to the company’s requirements, the platform offers an interface that can be used along with a variety of layouts and visual characteristics. 

The best thing is that Mobincube’s trial package includes important features, making it ideal for individuals who are on limited finances. 

Though it seems to value price over cutting-edge capability, this AI app design builder lacks a track record for making it possible to create the most complicated concepts.

Key features of Mobincube include a free plan that includes unlimited app building, and a drag-drop feature, along with no worries for storage that is unlimited storage, an online store, a navigation bar, using multimedia like images, sound, and audio.

It offers many pricing plans free unlimited plan, S, M L, XL, XXL.

What Should You Look for in an AI App Design Builder?

Things to be kept in mind before looking for an AI app design-builder:


AI app design aims to create personalized user experiences by analyzing customer data points such as settings, lifestyles, significant interactions, and application usage. 

This allows the app to provide customized details, suggestions, and features that meet the specific needs, preferences, and behaviors of individuals. 

By understanding and adapting to the unique requirements of each user, AI systems can offer personalized workout plans, tailor features and content based on user feedback, and provide recommendations that align with the user’s interests and habits. Overall, the main goal of AI app design is to deliver a more engaging and satisfying experience for users


AI-driven applications use historical data and real-time interactions to accurately forecast user preferences and behaviors, offering tailored suggestions and actions to enhance client satisfaction. 

By analyzing vast amounts of data and continuously learning from user interactions, AI app design creates a seamless and intuitive user journey, fostering loyalty and trust. 

This personalized service revolutionizes the way businesses interact with customers, driving engagement and loyalty to new heights.

Cognitive Perspective

By using AI app design, developers can analyze user actions to gain insights on usage patterns, preferences, and areas of difficulty. 

This process, known as behavioral insights, allows developers to improve features, designs, and functionality to enhance the overall accessibility of the app. 

By leveraging these insights, developers can continuously improve the app for a more user-friendly experience.

Why Choose Us?

At Vanator Assist, we offer you complete verified knowledge with a combined expertise of AI app design experience, our dedicated group of designers creates prestigious apps for a variety of industry sectors and stands out with flying colors.


Various criteria, including project scope, team cooperation requirements, design choices, and expected AI integration degree, determine which AI app design platform is the best in 2024. In the ever-changing field of AI-driven design, leading platforms such as Appy Pie, Zoho Creator, Mendix, Pico, QuickBase, and Mobincube stand out for their distinct features and advantages that help to improve user experience, expedite app development, and streamline the AI app design process. Selecting the optimal platform entails assessing the specific demands of the project and making use of the AI-powered tools and features that most closely match the objectives of developing creative and user-focused apps for smartphones.


The process of using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to develop and enhance mobile applications' user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is known as AI app design. To improve accessibility, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction, this entails incorporating AI-driven tools, programs, and aesthetic principles into the app development procedure.

Google Assistant is the most advanced AI app.

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