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Top 10 Digital VA Companies in USA 2023

Before we begin with talking about the top digital VA companies , it’s essential for you as our readers to understand what VA services actually are and how do they help your business.

VA services have evolved rapidly in the current phase , so what are these services and who offers us these?

We are here to answer it for you- VA services are not very different than what and how normally services are offered. This only difference here is it is offered to you virtually.

Under these services you hire a person for a dedicated job role, it is just a remote person who you hire over the net and he/ she works for you remotely.

They work over the internet for your tasks and help you achieve your targets and tasks in a limited time frame.

Associated Benefits

There are several benefits associated with hiring a virtual assistant to help you succeed ahead with your business objectives.

The best one is that you all always delegate not so essential tasks of your core business to someone who you don’t have to invest much in.

This way you can focus more on your resources and manage to not cripple your business by paying the much needed attention to core business requirements.

These VA’s can be hired for personal assistance recruitments as well.

Let us put forward some examples for what job roles can you delegate to virtual assistants-

  • Content writers for doing the basic content related work
  • Tasks and projects related to SEO
  •  Seek assistance for Calendar management services
  • Handling sales concerns or running advertisements on your website
  • Customer care services
  • Handling of your social media accounts
  • Monitoring the comments section on your website
  • Transcribing for your YouTube videos
  •  Web development and designing
  •  Reputation management for your brand
  •  Handling social media platforms for you
  • Proofreading services
  •  Looking for venues in case of an event

And what not. There are ample amount of services for you out there that you can achieve easily via digital VA companies who provide you with skilled professionals as your personal VA for any delegated task.

Digital VA Services: Benefits Offered

VA’s do work remotely but they have human instincts that are progressively necessary for any task to be done with full sincerity and to achieve desired results.

They can be engaging and persuasive with all the reasoning and intellect necessary for any particular job role.

VA’s come with a lot of expertise and experience since they are working remotely and won’t often get to have a face to face meet with their clients.

They profoundly represent themselves believable and capable of achieving a certain result when they start working for you.

They also help you a-lot with your budgeting and help you save a good sum.

How Do They Do That?

Well if you go on to hire a VA for any hob role, you pay them as per the work requirements.

Secondly since they are working remotely they save up your infrastructure cost and many other investments that you would have otherwise done on ground if you hired someone to work for you.

These people are trained to deliver with efficiency and in time which gives you assurance for better and progressive results.

Considerations Before Choosing Digital VA Companies

The first thing that cones to any business persons mind is the cost involved with hiring digital VA companies.

There are several other factors of consideration like- the work experience, credibility, communication and so on.

We suggest you that once you decide on choosing one of the many digital VA companies- you maintain a transparent communication mechanism with them.

This establishes your authority, keeps mistakes and miscommunications out of the picture and ease your management practices.

These digital VA companies have a plethora of options to serve in your interest and help you build a clear communication with the VA’s you hire for yourself.

These channels of communication include zoom calls, skype, phone, mail and much more.

The other factor of cost can be discussed with the digital VA companies and they cary as per your task requirements and your work timeframe.

However the average cost for a VA in USA ranges from $50 -$70 and it can go upwards or downwards based on the job profile, experience, location of the VA and services offered.

However VA’s generally cost you less due to their beed based hiring.

They are not a part of your payroll and they can be term based, project based, seasonal etc.

They also save up on your cost as you are not liable for their insurances, equipments, infrastructure, extra expenses and everything else then is needed for regular employees.

Listening below top 10 digital VA companies

1. MyWorkers

This firm was founded in 2014. They offer well versed VA’s who work remotely on low cost basis.

They have an intense interview process and their VA’s are experienced in job roles like Digital marketing, Bookkeeping, Legal, lead generation, web design and development and many more.

2. Task Bullet

In the market since 2012 , this firm is well equipped with modelled virgin assistance services.

All their VA’s have a bare minimum experience of 5 years in the industry they are dealing with.

The fields that they cater to involve- website management, email marketing, customer service, social media management etc.

3. Vanator Assist

This firm is well equipped to serve in the interest of small and big businesses also individuals and they have an upper hand with efficient cost cutting capabilities.

They have established their name in the industry with the quality that they offer.

4. Fancy Hands

This one is a budget friendly option for anyone looking for potential VA’s.

They cater to US based audiences and others who would like to work with native English speakers.

5. Woodbows

Located in US this is one of the best companies offering you cost cutting and time saving options with their premium services.

They have 10+ years of experience in the industry and offer super-fast hiring solutions.

6. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

They have been serving in the industry since as long as 2006. They have a vetted pool of candidates required to achieve any possible goals.

They cater to small businesses and big ones too.

They cater you in the field of Project management, Graphic designing, Video and audio editing, social media management and many more.

7. Get Friday

Another India based firm after Vanator assist, this one offers exceptional VA services, marketing propositions, content creation and much more.

8. Belay

This one was founded in 2010. This company started off by hitting the market targeting churches, pastors etc.

They have now earned endorsements from fortune 500 companies as they manage to excel in what they do.

9. Remote CoWorker

This virtual staffing firm is situated in Philippines and they are well structured to provide for expertise in fields like technology, IT, Healthcare etc.

10. Red Butler

This firm is known well to support businesses and individuals to accomplish goals in a short amount of time.

They are a US based firm who operate in related demographic regions. They have made up a name for themselves by surviving the competition for over a decade.

It’s A Wrap

Before going down this way , do your homework and understand how VA’s work.

While it might all sound simple and fascinating- it is well planned hard-work and it does work wonders.

So as long as you are struggling with your business needs, go read more about digital VA companies and know how they would turn out efficient in granting your desired results.

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